Substitute Gemstones

Substitute Gemstones can be worn in vedic astrology when you cannot afford the key gemstone, altough substitute gemstone does not work as good as the navratna gemstone, but it can help a person as something is better than nothing.

Substitute Gemstone
Rubelite (Red Tourmaline), Garnet, Spinel, Red Agate
Cultured Pearl, Moonstone, White Agate
Red Coral
Carnelian, Red / Orange Agate
Onyx, Aventurine, Jadite, Malachite, Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Green Agate, Chalcedony
Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Agate
Zircon, White Sapphire, Colorless / White Topaz
Blue Sapphire
Kyanite, Iolite, Amethyst
Hessonite Garnet
Black Garnet, Black / Brown Agate
Chrysoberyl Cats Eye
Apatite Cats Eye, Silimanite Cats Eye, Quartz Cats Eye, Tourmaline Cats Eye, Moonstone Cats Eye