Spinel is a hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide that has been used as a gemstone for centuries. The beauty of spinel has caused it to be mistaken for ruby and sapphire in the past. However, spinel deserves to be recognized as a gemstone that is worthy of appreciation in its own right. Spinel occurs in a range of colors, such as rose pink to rich red; lavender to deep violet; light to deep blue, orange, yellow, brown and black.

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There are a variety of trade names for different colored spinel group members, which include the following:

Flame spinel - Bright-orange to orange-red spinel, which has also been called "rubicelle".

Balas spinel - Pale-red spinel that was mistakenly called "Balas ruby".

Pleonaste - Dark-green to blackish, iron-containing opaque spinel, which is also called "Ceylonite".

Hercynite - Dark-green to black spinel that contains iron.

Gahnite - Blue, violet or dark-green to blackish spinel. Also called "zinc spinel".

Gahnospinel - Blue to dark-blue or green material that is between spinel and gahnite.

Picotite - Brownish, dark-green or blackish spinel. Also called "chrome spinel".

Spinel Gemstone Properties

Color: Various

Hardness: 8

Specific Gravity: 3.54 - 3.63

Refractive index: 1.712 - 1.762

Spinel Color & Occurence

The rarest and most desirable spinel gemstones are vivid ruby-like red, followed by cobalt blue, bright pink and bright orange. Paler colors such as lavender tend to be more affordable. Other popular colors include black spinel, violet-blue, greenish-blue, grayish, mauve, yellow, brown and pink spinel.

Spinel occurs with ruby and sapphire, and significant deposits have been found in Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Thailand. Other locations where spinel deposits have been found are Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Tadzhikistan, Tanzania and the USA.

Healing Power of Spinel

Spinel is considered to be a soothing stone because of its calming energy. Therefore, it is recommended for those who are suffering from stress. It is also thought to encourage renewal and healing.

Mystical Power in Spinel

Different healing properties are attributed to spinel depending on its color. Red spinel is thought to enhance vitality. Both green and pink spinel are said to encourage love and compassion. Violet spinel is associated with spiritual development and yellow is linked to the intellect. Spinel is a non-traditional zodiac stone for Gemini and is associated with the planet Mercury. In feng shui, spinel is said to carry yang fire energy.

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