Ruby (Manik)

Ruby represents Sun which is one of the luminaries in our universe. Sun is also considered as father or king and denotes authority, courage and dignity. Sun is also the soul of an individual. If Sun is positive and powerful in the horoscope, the person will be royal and reputed. If Sun is weak by placement in the chart or is in debilitated state or is in enemy sign, the desired results of Sun as well as the house it denotes cannot be expected. The person lacks financial and professional stability. He hardly gets any favor from government.

Weak Sun in a chart denotes many health problems including diseases related to bones, blood pressure, various heart problems, rheumatic pains, lack of confidence, unstable mind and weak eyesight etc. Wearing Ruby can help in curing these diseases.

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Ruby Gemstone Properties

Color: Red

Hardness: 9

Specific Gravity: 3.95 - 4.03

Refractive index: 1.76-1.77

Color & Occurence

Ruby is found in a wide range of pale colors including green, yellow, red, reddish-brown, white and bluish white.

Ruby is mined in Madagascar, Thailand, Burma, India and Vietnam.

Healing Power

Ruby encourages passion and a zest for life. It improves motivation and setting of realistic goals. Balances the heart and instills confidence. Ruby encourages joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage. It promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland. Aids in retaining wealth and passion. Ruby encourages removal of negative energies from your path. It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor. Calms hyperactivity.

Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system. It treats fevers, infectious disease and restricted blood flow. Ruby stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.

Mystical Power in Ruby

Ruby actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and the life-force energy, throughout the physical body and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement.

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