Howlite (Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5) s a calcium borosilicate hydroxide mineral that usually occurs in sedimentary rock formations. It is often a confusing mineral to classify. The silicon atom in its formula would normally require its classification as a silicate mineral. However, some classification schemes prefer to place howlite with other borate minerals in the carbonates class because it has five borons to only one silicon and its character and formation are more in line with other borate minerals. Howlite has a chalky white marble-like appearance that can be pure white or have gray or brown veins running through it. Howlite is found in continental evaporite deposits with other borate and evaporite minerals. It forms in nodules that appear like the heads of cauliflower.

Howlite is quite porous and because of this quality, it can be dyed to imitate similar colored stones such as turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli. However, howlite itself is generally not mimicked. Howlite is sometimes misleadingly sold as "white turquoise", or also called "the sacred buffalo stone" or "the white buffalo stone". Howlite has a similar appearance and hardness to white marble, but white marble has a low porosity compared to the porous howlite.

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Howlite Gemstone Properties

Color: milky white or grey

Hardness: 3.5

Specific Gravity: 2.45-2.58

Refractive index: 1.583-1.600

Howlite Color & Occurence

Howlite is milky white or grey, and is interspersed with black or dark brown veins. These veins are the matrix, or surrounding stone. It can also be pure white, which means that the matrix (surrounding stone) is not present in the gemstone.

Although howlite was discovered in Canada, most howlite now comes from California and Los Angeles, USA. Deposits have also been found in Turkey, Germany, Mexico and Russia. Rare transparent howlite crystals have only been found in two places; Tick Canyon, California and Iona, Nova Scotia.

Healing Power of Howlite

Howlite is said to balance calcium levels and strengthen the bones and teeth. It is also thought to be a calming stone that can relieve insomnia, therefore, some insomniacs place a piece of howlite beneath their pillow to encourage restful sleep.

Mystical Power in Howlite

In traditional Hindu belief systems, howlite is considered to benefit the third eye chakra, and when placed on this chakra, between the brows, it is thought to open up memories of previous lives. Howlite is a non-traditional stone for those born under the zodiacal sign of Gemini. Additionally, howlite is believed to eliminate anger and absorb negative energy.

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