The Charoite stone was discovered in 1976 in the USSR close to the Charo River, from which it got its name. Charoite is an unsual mineral and of rare occurence. It is formed from alteration of limestones by the close presences of an alkali-rich nephline syenite intrusion. The gemstone that we call "Charoite" is actually a rock composed of several minerals including Charoite. Charoite is formed from limestone by the process of contact metamorphism.

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Charoite Gemstone Properties

Color: Violet, lilac, light brown

Hardness: 5 - 6

Specific Gravity: 2.54-2.58

Refractive index: 1.553-1.555

Color & Occurence

Charoite is found in Violet, lilac, light brown.

Charoite is mined in Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Egypt, India, China and the Scotland.

Healing Power

Put charoite beneath your pillow, especially if you are prone to disturbed sleep or fears which surface in dreams. In combination with amethyst, it will help to release these fears.

Mystical Power in Charoite

Charoite is said to be useful for the cleansing and purification of one's energy body as well as for the transmutation of negative energies within oneself. Charoite transmutes negativity and cleanses the aura. Charoite facilitates the release of fear and dissolution of negative energies encountered in the process of aligning with your soul's purpose. Work with Charoite to foster a synthesis between the heart and crown chakra, walk your spiritual path with awareness, and manifest your soul's wisdom and light in daily life. The purple color of Charoite, among its other roles, helps to bring us closer to spirit by showing us that everything, even the thoughts we hold as true, can be dissolved and replaced with more empowering energies

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