Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

According to Vedic Astrology Blue Sapphire represents the planet Saturn or Shani. Shani is said to be the magistrate among all the planets in the solar system. SHANI decides about good or bad results for a native. SHANI the Saturn is said to be the wicked planet. He is famous for his nature of disaster. If Saturn is in benefic position in the horoscope he will make the native the king in all respects.

Blue Sapphire has the divine power to give mental peace, wealth & happiness by removing all hurdles of the natives life. The wearer of the Blue Sapphire never becomes the claimant of disrepute in the society.

Wearing a Blue Sapphire helps in the business and profession of Petrochemicals, Coal Industry, Poly Bags, Iron Ore, Led, Oil, Mustard Products, Mustard Oil, Salt, Land Trading, Contractorship, Transportation, Tools & Machinery, Black Colored Materials, Horses Etc. Also politicians, magistrates and law practitioners should wear a Blue Sapphire for the success in their profession.

blue sapphire picture

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Properties

Color: Blue & Violet

Hardness: 9

Specific Gravity: 4.0

Refractive index: 1.76-1.77

Blue Sapphire Color & Occurence

Blue Sapphire is found in a shades of blue and violet.

Blue Sapphire is mined in Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam

Healing Power of Blue Sapphire

Wearing a Blue Sapphire protects the native from the diseases related to Nose, Hairs, Obesity, Nervous System, Muscles, Bones, Feats, Knees, Calf Muscles, And Legs etc.

Mystical Power in Blue Sapphire

As a talisman, Blue Sapphire was thought to preserve chastity, discover fraud and treachery, protect its wearer from poison, plague, fever and skin diseases, and had great power in resisting black magic and ill-wishing. It healed ailments of the eyes, increased concentration, and would lose luster if worn by an intemperate or impious person.

Black Sapphire brings the wisdom of confidence in ones own intuition. It is protective and grounding, relieves anxiety and sorrow, and is a talisman for seeking and maintaining employment.

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